Why do dreams matter?

Suppose someone told you that there was something that spoke to you every night, that always presented you with a truth about your own life and soul, that was tailor-made to your individual needs and particular life-story, and that offered to guide you throughout your lifetime, and connect you with a source of wisdom far beyond yourself. And, furthermore, suppose that all of this was absolutely free. Naturally you would be astonished that something like this existed. Yet this is exactly the way it is with our dreams.
John A. Sanford (1975), Dreams and Healing, Paulist Press, NY
The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.
Sigmund Freud (1900), The Interpretation of Dreams
  • Did you know that your dreams can give you real insight into your inner self?  
  • That you have several dreams a night, even if you don’t remember them?  
  • That they show you stories about yourself in a metaphor language that is easy to learn?
  • That nightmares can alert you to unresolved issues, and can be healed?
  • That dreams can be your own inner counsellor, giving you continuous feedback on your life?
  • That they offer you a holistic perspective, arising from inside knowledge of your body, mind and spirit, throughout your life?