Dreamwork Training

Endorsed by Human Development and Training Institute of NZ.
Tutor: Margaret Bowater, MA, TSTA, MNZAP, MNZAC,
NZ Contact for International Assocn for the Study of Dreams.
Since 2001, 30 people have graduated through HD&TI with my Certificate in Applied Dreamwork. Although it is no longer administered directly by HD&TI, the Directors have agreed to give their Endorsement to the Certificate, and to include the award in their Annual Graduation.
     I am continuing to administer the course from my own home, and to teach the components through various venues, including my own home, the Mercy Spirituality Centre in Epsom, and other Centres on request. HD&TI continue to include Stage 1 as a mandatory unit in their Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy.
The Certificate is designed to focus primarily on experiential training in the practical skills and basic theory of dreamwork, including recent research, for use with self, clients, friends and family. On-going training and supervision to strengthen your practice are also offered.
I have slightly re-organised the Certificate for 2010 to define the modules more clearly. Do 101 first.
Costs of courses vary according to venues, etc. The time-frame is usually one year.
  1. COURSES:                                                                                          Minimum 40 hours
101            Introductory Workshop (9-12 hours), with 101 Manual
·        Ethics, history, definitions, purpose
·        Sleep cycle and recall, types of dreams
·        Language, context, levels of interpretation
·        Learning a step-by-step process
·        Jungian model of the psyche
102            Dreams of Death, Grief and Healing (9 hours)
·        Pre-death visions and near-death-experiences
·        Bereavement dreams and visions
·        Dreams as a source of healing and spirituality
103            Visionary Dreaming (5-6 hours)
·        Biblical dreams and visions
·        Mystical dreams in religion and culture
·        Paranormal (psi) dreams
201            Stage 2 Dreamwork and Nightmares (6-9 hours), with 201 Manual
·        Post-trauma dreams and nightmares
·        Practical skill development
·        Ego, Self and Shadow
202            Dreamwork Development Groups (3 hours each)
·        At least 4 guided practice groups
·        Demonstration of skills for Certificate (1 hour)
  1. PEER-PRACTICE GROUPS: Practise in your own buddy-group of 2-4.         Min 20 hrs
  2. DREAM JOURNAL: Keep a record of dreams, with self-reflection                 Min 15 hrs.
  3. ASSIGNMENTS:      1. Present written self-analyses of 5 dreams               Appr  5 hrs                                    2. Present a short piece of research on a dream topic. Appr 10 hrs.
E. READING LOG:   At least 3 books from the Recommended Reading List.    Appr 12 hrs.                                                                                            Total at least 100 hrs
If you are interested in enrolling for this Certificate, please contact Margaret by email on Margaret@dreamwork.co.nz.  The 40 hours of coursework cannot be done by correspondence, but I do run courses at intervals in the main centres around NZ.