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Fighting the Devil


Gender Conflict
Lindsey, a woman in mid-life, reported an occasional recurring dream of the Devil which had started in her 20s, but she still did not understood what it was really about. She felt alarmed at the idea of encountering the Devil directly, but also very clear that she wasn’t going to let him win the fight.
Dream Report: Fighting the Devil
In my dream I walk down a large set of marble stairs onto a big open plan marble foyer. The marble is white or pale cream and fawn so elegant and clean, clear and bright. 
When I look around there are another set of stairs going up the other side, there are also 2 large marble pillars at either side of the stairs. The whole space is amazingly clear and bright. There is nothing in the foyer just clear space. As I continue to look I notice the devil standing there and when he sees that I have seen him, he comes towards me and it is in that moment that I know that I am going into battle with the Devil.   The Devil looks human with horns and a tail, but without clothing; his skin was pale pinkish in colour. 
He moves towards me and I to him and then we engage in the battle, maybe for my life, and I am determined that I am going to win. There is the Devil and I fighting hand to hand combat, no holds barred. Then I wake up before the dream has an outcome. 
Upon waking, I feel shaken and confused about why I would dream of the Devil. I have thought maybe that I must be evil in some way.   I have had this dream a few times.
When Lindsey considered what had happened in her life about the time that the dream started, she realised that it could have been a couple of years after she got married. Furthermore, she had often found herself in conflict with her husband about fair treatment and having her needs met, so it was no wonder she was determined to win the fight.
But why did she perceive him as the Devil? It probably connected with having older brothers who had tormented her in childhood, where she had learned the hard way how to stand up for her rights. She did not recall any religious teaching about the Devil.
The setting is like a grand entrance hall to a palace or museum. It suggested to her “my place for my hopes and dreams for my future” – and not to be given up! In real life, she and her husband were unable to resolve their differences, and eventually separated, and the dream stopped.

posted @ Tuesday, 17 April 2012 7:29 p.m. by Margaret Bowater

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