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I am a senior member of the NZ Association of Counsellors, with 30 years' experience in a range of counselling methods.

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Are you interested in early NZ settlers, their forebears, and how they fared during and after the Land Wars?

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TBC 2017

202 Dream Development Groups

Sundays 1.30-4.30pm (3 hrs)

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23 July, 2017

103 Inspirational Dreams and Visions

Sat 9.30-4.00 (6 hrs)

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Paul Henry interview

TV3 Breakfast session Wed 14th Sept

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Radio NZ

Interview by Wallace Chapman about nightmares

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DREAMS  AND  SPIRITUALITY was the theme of our first Dream Conference, held at the Franciscan Retreat Centre in Hillsborough, Auckland. We were blessed with fine weather, maximising the beauty of the grounds, and also with the "fabulous food" provided by the kitchen staff for all our meals. Half the participants lived in, enjoying the sense of community, including dream-sharing at the breakfast tables.

Radio NZ 
Interview by Wallace Chapman about nightmares

Some 50 explorers of consciousness came to participate in the Dream Network's mini-conference at the St Columba Centre in Ponsonby, Auckland on !7th-18th June, 2016.

The IASD’s Annual Conference was held this year in Chicago, 26-30 June, 2009, on the theme, “Earth Dreaming,” with featured speakers Stan Krippner, Barbara Tedlock, Steve Aizenstat and Robert Moss, and many others from different fields of dream research.  It was accompanied as usual by a Dream Telepathy Contest, and a juried exhibition of dream-inspired art, with significant awards. There was also a ceremony to celebrate IASD’s 25th Anniversary as an incorporated non-profit association.